01 | Gender-based violence risk assessment

The assessment ensures businesses understand the specific risks of violence and harassment that their business operations pose to employees and to people in affected communities. Through improving GBV prevention and response practices, your business can benefit from improved worker performance and commitment, stronger community relations, increased employment opportunities for vulnerable people, and improved reputation among investors and in local communities.

  • Identifying the specific types of GBV that workers and community members risk experiencing due to your business operations.
  • Developing an action plan to ensure adequate prevention of these GBV risks.
  • Assessing the capacity of the business to respond to GBV incidents safely and ethically.
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02 | Gender smart safety audit

Improving workplace safety for women. Provides skills in how to recognise hazards faced by women in a workplace to promote better safety for all employees.

  • Understand why women’s safety is different.
  • Learn the process for conducting a women’s safety audit in a workplace.
  • Practise using the women’s safety audit tools (to collect baseline data).
  • Analyse the audit results.
  • Report and recommend, and establish measures for improvements.
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03 | Research

Factive can manage a research project from start to finish. We have skills in qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis, both on-site and online, for baselines studies, mid-term studies, project evaluations and KAP analyses. Our studies are typically used to inform the development of community or workplace programs, or to assist with program fundraising efforts.

  • Inception reports to frame the study
  • Development of study methodology and tools
  • Running interviews and focus group discussions
  • Managing surveys
  • Analysis and report-writing
  • Framework for measures and indicators
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04 | Program development and implementation

We work with clients to create and implement sustainable programs in workplaces and communities. This requires a collaborative approach to ensure local people and employees are fully involved in the process. We aim to ensure transferal of skills and capacity building to ensure long-term viability.

  • Research to inform program development
  • Program methodology, framework and content
  • Program materials (e.g., toolkits, communications)
  • Training content
  • Design of results framework (e.g., indicators, measures)
  • Program review
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05 | Training & capacity building

Our approach to training is to encourage links between knowledge and practice. In a workplace context, this may involve developing skills so that employees can implement gender and safety policies effectively. In a community context it may involve working with community leaders to improve their knowledge of gender issues. Our training topics include sexual harassment, gender-based violence, masculinities, gender awareness/sensitisation, and gender and safety in the workplace.

  • Training delivery and facilitation
  • Training manuals and learning materials
  • E-learning training
  • Train-the-trainer support
  • Pre- and post-training assessments
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06 | Communications & marketing

Factive provides comprehensive marketing and communications services to support client projects. We have extensive experience designing and implementing communications and marketing strategies to support projects and programs of work. Factive also provides expertise in change management, with our PROSCI certified change management practioners.

  • Website design
  • Print design
  • Marketing support
  • E-learning
  • Internal communications
  • Change management
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