A workplace safety program to improve safety messaging

Provides training and tools to implement a new method of using safety messaging to promote better safety in the workplace.

MySafe is the name of an innovative method for engaging with safety communications in a workplace. It promotes better use of communications to improve safety in a workplace. The program is designed to be run by the internal safety team. It affects the way all employees in that workplace receive and respond to safety communications.

The main idea behind MySafe is that communication requires negotiation of meaning. Individuals may read and respond to safety messages in different ways. Individuals workers also have different safety needs, depending on their role and job tasks. MySafe is a way of ensuring that safety messages are accurately targeted, clearly understood, and intelligently discussed. The outcome is a more individualised appreciation of the importance of safety messaging to benefit the whole workplace.

The introduction of MySafe into a workplace focuses on providing the skills and tools that are required to ensure the success of this program over the long-term. During the initial introduction phase, Factive’s MySafe consultant works closely with safety personnel to ensure all the necessary tools and skills are in place. This includes providing extensive training and education to safety personnel so they feel comfortable introducing the MySafe method and tools to employees. It also includes adapting the MySafe communication tools to fit the workplace.

In introducing MySafe to a workplace, the consultant will also provide training to management, to explain the methods of MySafe and to encourage them to work with the safety team to change practices of safety communications throughout the workplace.

In the review phase, the newly established MySafe team reflects on what has worked and where additional resources may be required to ensure the success of MySafe as the primary method for engaging with safety communications throughout the workplace.


Review existing safety communication practices and tools.


Adapt MySafe methods and tools to meet the specific needs of the organisation.


Training for safety personnel and management.


Work with the safety team to introduce MySafe to employees.


Review the effectiveness and functioning of MySafe in the organisation.