Design and implementation of a custom program

We can design a custom program tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

If you have a specific objective in mind (e.g., reduce incidences of sexual harassment in your workplace, improve men’s support for women’s sexual health in a community), we can work with you to develop a custom program that is tailored to your business. After all, what works for one organisation might not be well suited to everyone.

We can help you study the current situation by applying our research skills using quantitative and qualitative research methods. This helps to establish a baseline, and enables measurement and tracking of program effectiveness.

When formulating a program to meet your objectives, we will not only take into account the study data, we will review relevant case studies and research reports from other organisations as well as the latest academic thinking on the topic.

Our consultants will work with you to implement the program within your organisation in a way that transfers the necessary skills and knowledge to your employees. This will help ensure the program is sustainable in your organisation. We don’t see ourselves as a training company—our role is to build organisational capability.

A custom program would typically include some or all of the following components, depending on the scale of the project and your specific requirements and objectives:

  • Program implementation plan
  • Change management plan
  • Communications and marketing plan
  • Design and production of supporting media and materials
  • KPIs and measures to assess program effectiveness
  • Training materials
  • Train-the-trainer materials
  • E-learning

Identify program objectives.


Conduct study to understand current situation and establish a baseline for measurement.


Plan a program of work that will drive the required cultural/behavioural change.


Assist with program implementation, including project management, change management, communications and marketing support, and training.


Review effectiveness of program based on agreed KPIs and measures.


Hand over management of program to your internal employees, with ongoing support if required.