01 | Gender Smart Safety for Women

Women’s safety audits.

Improving workplace safety for women. Provides skills in how to recognise hazards faced by women in a workplace to promote better safety for all employees.

  • Understand why women’s safety is different.
  • Learn the process for conducting a women’s safety audit in a workplace.
  • Practise using the women’s safety audit tools (to collect baseline data).
  • Analyse the audit results.
  • Report and recommend, and establish measures for improvements.
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02 | Gender Smart Safety for Men

Masculinity and risk-taking.

Improving men’s safety. Working with worksite teams and crews to help them reflect on how gender affects their safety.

  • Discussions with management and team leaders.
  • Introduction of research aims to the team.
  • Observations, interviews and focused discussions to explore the links between gender and safety.
  • Review of findings and action planning.
  • Training for team members and safety personnel to sustain a focus on gender in their management of safety.
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03 | MySafe

A workplace safety program to improve safety messaging.

Provides training and tools to implement a new method of using safety messaging to promote better safety in the workplace.

  • Review existing safety messaging.
  • Adapt the MySafe tools to meet the needs of the organisation.
  • Training in the MySafe methods for safety personnel, managers and employees.
  • Implementation of the MySafe tools.
  • Review the effectiveness of MySafe in the organisation.
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04 | Custom Program

Design and implementation of a custom program.

We can design a custom program tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

  • Identify program objectives.
  • Conduct study to understand current situation and establish a baseline for measurement.
  • Plan a program of work that will drive the required cultural/behavioural change.
  • Assist with program implementation, including project management, change management, communications & marketing support, and training.
  • Review effectiveness of program based on agreed KPIs and measures.
  • Hand over management of program to your internal employees, with ongoing support if required.
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